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Public Shooting Ranges & Buy Permits
Public Shooting Ranges & Buy Permits

The ODNR provides public shooting ranges so Ohio’s sportsmen and sportswomen have safe places to practice with their hunting implements. Safe shooting environments and knowledgeable range attendants foster an attitude of firearms safety and respect, where shooters can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to practice safe firearms use and take the next step to attend a hunter education class and become a hunter.

See contact information for available shooting range locations below. 

Supervised Ranges: Hours of Operation

Hours of operation vary. All Class A ranges are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. All Class A ranges are closed on the following dates: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Contact the wildlife areas for detailed information.

Class A shooting ranges are no longer taking reservations. Deer Creek and Grand River are open Thursday - Sunday, 9am – 5pm. Woodbury is open Thursday - Saturday, 9am – 5pm and Sunday, 12pm – 5pm. Unsupervised ranges are open daylight to dusk unless otherwise noted on site.

Updates & Information

  • The Class C shotgun range and Class D archery ranges at Spring Valley reopened on Saturday, Aug. 22. The new shooting range at the Spring Valley Wildlife Area is open to the public on Friday, Oct. 30! Improvements include: upgraded backstops, 65 rifle shooting stations, new entrance and parking lot, restroom facilities, range master building, outdoor education center, and static archery range. The renovated shotgun range features target launchers and designated shooting stations. Learn more
  • The Delaware Wildlife Area Shooting Range is closed for renovations, but should be completed by the end of 2020. The nearby Cardinal Shooting Center will be honoring shooting range permits for one hour, Thursday-Sunday.
  • Access to the rifle/pistol range located at the Tranquility Wildlife Area Shooting Range will remain closed until further notice.
  • All persons age 18 and older shooting on ODNR Division of Wildlife Class A, B, and C ranges must purchase a Shooting Range Permit which is available at all hunting and fishing license outlets.

Partnership Ranges

The Division of Wildlife partners with private shooting ranges to increase access so the public can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to practice safe firearms use. Partnerships like these exponentially increase the division’s ability to reinvest in local communities and give back to shooters. Funding for these projects is derived from the federal Wildlife Restoration Act. Excise taxes are collected from the sale of firearms and ammunition, and this funding is returned to the states for wildlife management and shooting range projects.

Opportunities, dates, and hours very from range to range. Please contact the range for more details.

Cardinal Shooting Center    
3389 County Road 225    
Marengo, OH    
(419) 253-0608    

Cooperative Archery Ranges

These archery ranges are made possible through an ODNR Division of Wildlife Shooting Range Cooperative Grant.

Class Definitions & Permit Fees

A = Supervised Rifle and Pistol Target Range
B = Unsupervised Rifle and Pistol Target Range
C = Unsupervised Clay Target Shotgun Range
D = Unsupervised Archery Target Range
O = Other Public Ranges; not classified by the Division of Wildlife
'*' = Supervised Trap & Skeet Range; Unsupervised Hand Trap Range (call range for details)

Class A, B, and C Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Ranges

  • All persons age 18 and older shooting on ODNR Division of Wildlife Class A, B, and C ranges must purchase a Shooting Range Permit which is available at all hunting & fishing license outlets. Permits are not sold at the shooting ranges. These permits partially offset the cost of operations, maintenance, trash removal, and improvements.
  • Shooters age 17 and under are not required to purchase a permit, but must be accompanied by and directly monitored by an adult (age 18 years or older) holding a valid Shooting Range Permit.
  • Legal targets on all shooting ranges are single sheet paper targets, or stationary reactive or self healing polymer targets only. Shooters must supply their own target holders, which must meet the approval of the shooting range attendant. Grand River and Spring Valley supply target holders. The shooting of fully automatic firearms, and rapid fire of semi-automatic firearms are strictly prohibited.
  • All Class A ranges have handicap accessible parking, shooting benches and restroom facilities

Permit Fees

Annual Shooting Range Permit 

  • Allows the holder to be admitted to Division of Wildlife Class-A, B, and C shooting ranges for one year
  • Cost: $24.00  
  • Code: 700    

1-Day Shooting Range Permit

  • Allows the holder to be admitted to Division of Wildlife Class-A, B, and C shooting ranges for one day
  • Cost $5.00     
  • Code: 720    

Shooting Range Permit and Hunting License Combo

  • Annual Permit and Hunting License Combo (Resident): $29.12
  • Annual Permit and Apprentice Hunting License Combo: $29.12

Shooting Range Permit year begins March 1 and ends the last day of February. Permits are available at all hunting and fishing license outlets, online, or the HuntFish OH mobile app. All costs include a $1.00 writing fee. All sales are final. No refunds are given.

Class D Archery Ranges

These Ranges are open free-of-charge. No permit is required to use these ranges, and no range attendant or restroom facilities are provided.

Shooting Range Locations and Contact Information

The list below provides information about Ohio's public shooting ranges. More information about these shooting ranges can be found on the public area web page (click the range name to learn more).

Range County Range Type Contact
Barkcamp State Park Belmont Archery D (740) 484-4064
Beaver Creek State Park Columbiana Archery D (330) 385-3091
Berlin Lake Wildlife Area     Portage   Archery D   (330) 644-2293
Caesar Creek State Park  Warren     Archery D   (513) 897-3055
Cooper Hollow Wildlife
Jackson  Archery D   (740) 682-7524
 ​​​​​Deer Creek Wildlife Area    Fayette   Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun, & Archery A, C, D     (614) 644-3925
Delaware Wildlife Area     Delaware     Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun, & Archery A, C, D (614) 644-3925
Dillon Wildlife Area   Licking, Muskingum   Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun, & Archery O     (740) 452-3529
Wildlife District 5 Office    Greene  Archery D   (937) 452-3529
Wildlife District 2 Office     Hancock   Archery D  (419) 424-5000
East Harbor State Park Ottawa   Archery D   (419) 734-4424
Fernwood State Forest    Jefferson   Rifle/Pistol & Shotgun C, O     (330) 339-2205
Geneva State Park  Ashtabula     Archery D  (440) 466-8400
Grand River Wildlife Area     Trumbull     Rifle/Pistol & Shotgun A, C     (330) 889-3524
Harrison State Forest     Harrison   Rifle/Pistol O  (614) 262-5671
Hebron Fish Hatchery   Licking   Archery D   (740) 928-8092
Hocking Hills State Park Hocking Archery D   (740) 385-6842
Hueston Woods State Park  Butler, Preble Archery D   (513) 523-6347
Indian Creek Wildlife Area Brown     Shotgun & Archery C, D  (937) 372-9261
Lake Hope State Park     Vinton   Archery D  (740) 596-4938
Lake Vesuvius/Wayne National Forest   Lawrence   Archery D  (740) 534-6500
Mary Jane Thurston State Park    Henry  Archery D   (419) 832-7662
Maumee Bay State Park     Lucas     Archery D   (419) 836-7758
Monroe Lake Wildlife Area     Monroe   Rifle/Pistol B   (740) 489-5021
Oxbow Lake Wildlife Area     Defiance   Shotgun C   (419) 424-5000
Paint Creek State Park     Highland, Ross  Archery D     (937) 393-4284
Punderson State Park  Geauga   Archery D   (440) 564-2279
Resthaven Wildlife Area   Erie  Shotgun C   (419) 547-6007
Rush Run Wildlife Area     Preble   Shotgun C   (937) 372-9261
Salt Fork State Park  Guernsey  Archery D   (740) 439-3521
Salt Fork Wildlife Area   Guernsey     Shotgun C   (740) 489-5021
Shawnee State Park   Scioto  Archery D     (740) 858-6652
Spencer Lake Wildlife Area     Medina   Archery D   (330) 644-2293
Spring Valley Wildlife Area    Greene   Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun, & Archery A, C, D*   (937) 862-5162
St. Marys Fish Hatchery   Auglaize  Archery D   (419) 394-5170
Tranquility Wildlife Area [Closed until further notice]   Adams Rifle/Pistol B  (937) 372-9261
 Tri-Valley Wildlife Area   Muskingum   Archery D  (740) 824-3211
Van Buren State Park   Hancock  Archery D   (419) 832-7662
​​​​Veto Lake Wildlife Area   Washington  Archery D   (740) 962-2048
Wingfoot Lake Wildlife Area     Portage   Archery D  (330) 644-2293
Wolf Creek Wildlife Area   Morgan     Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun, & Archery B, C, D   (740) 962-2048
Woodbury Wildlife Area  Coshocton     Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun, & Archery A, C, D*     (740) 327-2109
Wyandot Wildlife Area   Wyandot   Shotgun C   (419) 424-5000
Zaleski State Forest   Vinton  Pistol/Shotgun O (740) 596-5781