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ODNR Assembly Center

Located on the lower level of building E on the ODNR Fountain Square campus are two assembly rooms available to reserve for all DNR functions. Below is all pertinent information related to the East and West assembly rooms:

NOTICE: ODNR is not accepting reservations for non-ODNR meetings until further notice.

Room Information


Provided resources

  • Chairs and tables
  • 16'x4' Whiteboard
  • Ceiling-mounted projector for use with notebook, DVD/VCR, or document camera
  • A ceiling-mounted retractable viewing screen
  • Mounted speakers
  • Podium:
    • Microphone
    • Light
    • Notebook
    • Control panel
  • Wireless microphone
  • Document camera
  • Wireless data connection*
  • Wired data connection*

Resources not provided

  • Computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • Flip charts, poster paper, erasable markers, transparencies, etc.
  • Breakout rooms
  • Telephone, fax, or copier
  • Facilities for food preparation or storage

*Contact OIT for all questions related to data access 614-265-7082

Capacity Information

Seating Capacity for Both East and West Rooms

150: Total number of Assembly center chairs
40: Total number of Assembly center tables

East Room Specifications:

  • Chairs Only: 124
  • Table and 2 chairs (1 side seating)
    30 tables (60 people)
  • Table with 4 chairs (2 side seating)
    17 tables (68 people)

West Room Specifications:

  • Chairs Only: 96
  • Table and 2 chairs (1 side seating)
    24 tables (48 people)
  • Table with 4 chairs (2 side seating)
    13 tables (52 people)