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Information for Water Well Contractors

Information for Water Well Contractors

Water Well Log Filing

Per the Ohio Revised Code 1521.05, a water well record shall be filed with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for any well that is drilled. A "well" means any excavation, regardless of design or method of construction, created for any of the following purposes:

  1. Removing groundwater from or recharging water into an aquifer, excluding subsurface drainage systems installed to enhance agricultural crop production or urban or suburban landscape management or to control seepage in dams and levees;
  2. Determining the quantity, quality, level, or movement of ground water in or the stratigraphy of an aquifer, excluding borings for instrumentation in dams, levees, or highway embankments;
  3. Removing or exchanging heat from ground water, excluding horizontal trenches that are installed for water source heat pump systems.

Types of Wells Requiring a Log Filing

  • Private water supply well
  • Public water supply well
  • Irrigation well
  • Dewatering well
  • Heat exchange well
  • Livestock well
  • Test well
  • Monitor well
  • Boring to characterize the aquifer
  • Remediation/extraction/collector well
  • Drainage well
  • Aquifer recharge wells
  • Alteration of an existing well
  • Cooling water well
  • Fire protection well
  • Industrial use well
  • Recharge well that increases soil moisture only
  • Soil boring
  • Well installed to control seepage in dams, dikes, and levees
  • Boring to determine slope stability
  • Soil vapor well
  • Industrial/municipal injection well (Class I)
  • Brine injection well (Class II)
  • Solution mining well (Class III)
  • Mineral exploration boring

To Register for a Contractor ID and Password

Please download and fill out the Water Well Contractor Information form (pdf). Mail the completed form to:

ODNR Division of Geological Survey
Groundwater Resources Section
2045 Morse Rd., Bldg C
Columbus, OH 43229

IMPORTANT: The Drilling Contractor form is for ODNR use only. You must also register separately with the Ohio Department of Health, if you plan on drilling domestic wells.

If Already Registered and On File
To request your preassigned ID and password, please contact:

Curtis Coe, Hydrogeologist
(614) 265-6733
Curtis.Coe @dnr.state.oh.us

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