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Ohio Geology Publications Catalog
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The Ohio Geology Publications Catalog features thousands of publications, maps, and educational materials on numerous earth science topics, including energy resources, bedrock & glacial geology, fossils, minerals, groundwater, and more. Enter and search your keywords, then use the arrows in the column headings to sort the results by location, author, etc.

If you are unable to find a publication of interest, or if a publication is not available for download, please contact the Geologic Records Center for assistance.

Geology Publications

AR = Annual Report
B = Bulletin
DDF = Digital Data File
EL = Educational Leaflet
GN = Geological Note
GB = Guidebook
GF = GeoFacts
HO = Hands-On Earth Science
IC = Information Circular
M = Map Series
MR = Miscellaneous Report
OF = Open-File Map
OFR = Open-File Report
RI = Report of Investigations
RP = Report of Progress
RS = Reprint Series
Vol = Volume

Groundwater Publications

WB = Water Bulletin
WFS = Water Fact Sheet
WGWR = Groundwater Resources County Map
WGWPP = Groundwater Pollution Potential Map
WGWPS = Groundwater Potentiometric Surface Map
WIC = Water Information Circular
WIR = Water Inventory Report
WMR = Water Miscellaneous Report
WNPSP = Water Non-point Source Pollution Report
WRBGR = River Basin Groundwater Resource Map
WTR = Water Technical Report
WTRI = Technical Report of Groundwater Investigations

Digital Map Series

BG = Bedrock Geology, Topography, & Structure
CEA = Coastal Erosion Area
EG = Environmental Geology
IM = Industrial Minerals
LE = Lake Erie
MG = Miscellaneous Geology
PG = Petroleum Geology
SG = Surficial Geology

For topographic and other maps and publications published on a quadrangle basis, use the index maps to help locate the quadrangle name for your area of interest:

Published regularly from 1981 through 2010, the Ohio Geology newsletter included a feature articles, editorials from the Division chiefs, announcements, and other information. Click here to use the index to help you locate an issue.

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