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Office of Law Enforcement

The Office of Law Enforcement administers and coordinates the law enforcement activities, training, and policies of the Department of Natural Resources including, but not limited to:

  • serving as the department’s liaison with other law enforcement agencies and jurisdictions;
  • representing the Director in situations concerning law enforcement activities;
  • conducting and/or coordinating internal investigations of department employees; and
  • performing other functions related to the department's law enforcement activities, training, and policies as assigned by the Director.

The law enforcement staff of this office administers, manages, and coordinates the ODNR response and activities of the Ohio Emergency Operations Center as they relate to agency-wide functions during both natural and man-made disasters and incidents.

The Security Services section of the office operates 24/7/365 and administers security functions at the central office complex by providing comprehensive security and law enforcement services for employees and facilities. The development and administration of the Central Office Disaster Recovery Plan are within this area of responsibility.

This office also is responsible for the administration and operation of the ODNR Communications Center. The Communications Center is operated on a 24/7/365-basis for both law enforcement and regulatory personnel throughout the agency. The administration of certification and compliance for the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems (LEADS) are within this area of responsibility.

This office has the responsibility to implement, operate, and maintain the ODNR participation within the Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) for the department and the affected divisions within the department. The office informs the Director, who serves as a voting member of the MARCS Steering Committee, and is an active participant of the MARCS Advisory Committee. Additionally, the office is a voting member and participates on the State Interoperability Executive Committee.

The office coordinates all Homeland Security planning and responses for the department and represents the Director on the State Security Task Force. This office represents the agency at the Strategic Information and Analysis Center (SAIC) during intelligence evaluation and dissemination and during activations of the SAIC. In addition, the administration and coordination of agency-wide law enforcement and homeland security grants are within this area of responsibility.