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Monthly Water Inventory Report

The Monthly Water Inventory Report for Ohio is a compilation of current precipitation data, stream flow data, and water levels for reservoirs, groundwater, and Lake Erie in the state of Ohio. The ODNR Division of Geological Survey's Groundwater Resources Group produces this report as a way to disseminate hydrologic and other pertinent data in a timely manner and brief format. Selected observation points are considered to be sufficiently representative of hydrologic conditions across the state and thus permit a cursory evaluation of the water-supply situation in Ohio.

The Monthly Water Inventory Reports are made available for download here. Current and past issues of the report are provided for downloads as PDF files. For more information, please contact the Geologic Records Center.

Use our Publications Catalog to locate and download reports, fact sheets, and other publications related to Ohio's groundwater resources.

Current Year's Reports

Click a month below to download the Monthly Water Inventory Report (pdf) for that month.

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Reports for Previous Years

Click on any of the decades listed below to download the Monthly Water Inventory Reports for each year in that decade. Monthly reports for each year have been compiled into a single document (pdf).


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