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Educational Publications

Explore the educational materials below for interactive hands-on activities and publications on numerous geology topics, including energy resources, bedrock & glacial geology, fossils, minerals, groundwater, and more. If you are unable to find a publication of interest, or if a publication is not available for download, please contact the Geologic Records Center for assistance.

Featured Publications

activity book cover imageOhio Rocks! Activity Book, 24 p., 2016. Designed for young learners, the book provides information and activities on the geology of Ohio from the Ordovician Period through the Ice Age. Activities include mazes, word searches, fill-in-the-blanks, connect-the-dots, and scenes for coloring. Topics include rocks and minerals, crystals, fossils, energy resources, and the tools geologists use to study them. Teachers and students will find the exercises helpful in meeting and reinforcing educational standards for Earth Science. Each booklet is $2.50 (plus tax & shipping).

Click here to download the complete activity book (pdf).

Your House Rocks
(Educational Leaflet 21) offers a brief look at the raw materials we need to build our homes and provide us with products we might take for granted, such as toothpaste or roof shingles. The leaflet features full-color photos and illustrations, including a fold-out poster (15 x 17 inches) showing the many parts of a house that are made from rocks, minerals, and petroleum products.

Click here to download an 8.5 x 11-inch free version. See below for a list of all available educational leaflets.

Other Publications

Hands On Earth Science Activities

HO-19 thumbnailThe Hands On (HO) series features simple experiments and other interactive, educational activities that meet State of Ohio science education standards for various grade levels. Hard copies are printed on 8½"-x-11" card stock and punched to fit a three-ring binder. Single copies are free; orders for multiple copies may be submitted to the Geologic Records Center and will include shipping and handling charges.

Click here to download the complete series of HO activities (pdf). K–12 grade-level indicators are included and correlated to each activity.

Educational Leaflets

The Educational Leaflet (EL) series offers nontechnical, full-color brochures on a variety of topics of popular interest. These leaflets can be used solely for as brief introductions or as primers for more in-depth research. Single copies are free and can be downloaded here in an 8½"-x-11" format. Bulk copies are available by contacting the Geologic Records Center. Shipping and handling will be charged for bulk orders.


The GeoFacts (GF) series features nontechnical, two-sided fact sheets on various topics about Ohio’s geology. GeoFacts offer concise information on fossils, rocks & minerals, economic geology, geologic history & processes, and more. They are designed for printing on 8½"-x-11" paper. Single copies are free and can be downloaded here. Bulk copies are available by contacting the Geologic Records Center. Shipping and handling will be charged for bulk orders.

Hiking & Walking Tour Guides

Hikes offer terrific opportunities for interactive, first-hand learning about Ohio geology. The following handouts were produced by the Division of Geological Survey for geologic hikes during Earth Science Week and other events. These hikes were cosponsored by the Division in cooperation with state and local park systems. The guides are designed to be printed on 11" x 17" paper and folded in the middle.

Publications Catalog

The Division of Geological Survey has many other publications that offer numerous educational opportunities and information to assist students and educators in understanding earth science concepts. From technical poster presentations and bulletins designed for a scientific audience, to guidebooks for fascinating field trips, to archival copies of the Ohio Geology newsletter, there's something for educators and learners of all ages.  

We invite you to explore the Publications Catalog to find the documents you need to understand and appreciate Ohio's fascinating geology.