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Oil & Gas Well Database

Online Database Search

This online search is linked directly to the Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) database. Access Ohio oil and gas well records including completion, permit and production information.

Some functionality to the online database is still being restored and records are only available through Mid-May. We're working to restore full access as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.


If you have experienced the following error (clicking on a report and nothing happens) while using the database search, please see the instructions below.

This error is occurring due to an issue with the compatibility between the IE browser and the search interface. To enable website compatibility, please follow the steps below:

  1. Find the icon in the address bar that looks like a torn piece of blue paper. Depending on the browser configuration, this icon may also be found under the tools dropdown menu.
  2. Enable compatibility view by clicking on the icon or selecting "Compatibility View" from the tools dropdown menu.

Downloadable Database

The RBDMS contains comprehensive well data for over 100,000 wells permitted since 1980. Historical well card information from the Division of Geological Survey for wells permitted before 1980 has also been added to the database. RBDMS requires Microsoft Access and at least 700mb of hard drive space to run. It can be downloaded from the below link or is available free on CD by contacting the Division at (614) 265-6922.

For first time users, please first click on the setup button, then click on the button indicating files compatible with the program version you are using (2000, 2007, or 2010). After the initial setup steps have been completed, continue below to run the weekly update.

Version 2000
Version 2007
Version 2010

The weekly downloadable update is available at the following links.

Weekly Download (February 26, 2021) ZIP file

Weekly Download (February 26, 2021) EXE file

For questions, or more information about accessing this information, please contact Gregg Miller using the information on the side of this page.