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Chronic Wasting Disease (Deer)

CWD News Archive

Sampling Locations Announced for Disease Surveillance Area 2021-01

Disease Surveillance Area Regulations & Sampling Locations [pdf]

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ID Name County Street City
1 Wyandot Wildlife Area Wyandot 4191 County Hwy 97 Carey
2 Johnson's Hunting and Fishing Wyandot 8501 County Hwy 16 McCutchenville
3 Mickey Mart Wyandot 103 W Saffell Ave Sycamore
4 Richland Township Fire Dept Wyandot Wyandot 204 Franklin St Wharton
5 Salem Township Building Wyandot Wyandot 13077 County Hwy 47 Upper Sandusky
6 Wyandot County Fairgrounds Wyandot 10191 OH 53 Upper Sandusky
7 The Sportsman's Stop Wyandot 2733 County Hwy 330 Nevada
8 Bull Pen Auction Wyandot 208 N Main St Nevada
9 Andreoff Wildlife Area Hardin 3373 County Rd 215 Forest
10 Mifflin Township Building Wyandot 14979 Township Hwy 103 Upper Sandusky
11 Marseilles Township Building Wyandot 20295 Center St Upper Sandusky
12 Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area HQ Wyandot 19100 County Hwy 115 Harpster
13 Grand Prairie Township Building Marion 5071 Marion-Upper Sandusky Rd Marion
14 Meeker Community Center Marion Marion 6400 Harding Highway W Marion
15 Hardin County Coon Hunters Club Hardin 21623 County Rd 144 Kenton
16 Big Island Wildlife Area Marion 3600 Marion-Agosta Rd Marion
17 Big Island Wildlife Area HQ Marion 5389 Larue-Prospect Rd W New Bloomington

2021-01 Disease Surveillance Area Established (Effective June 15, 2021)

2021-01 DSA declared, effective June 15, 2021 [pdf]

Deer Carcass Possession and Movement Restrictions

The risk of introducing CWD by transporting hunter-killed, wild deer, elk, moose, and other CWD-susceptible species is likely very low. Rather, it is the improper handling of carcasses, trims, and parts that dramatically increases the odds of introducing CWD into Ohio’s wild deer herd from hunter-harvested cervids outside of Ohio. To minimize the risk of introduction, we have imposed a complete ban on the possession of high-risk carcass parts from anywhere outside of Ohio. Any person may possess all or any part of a cervidae carcass legally taken, killed, or processed in Ohio unless the carcass is taken from an area of Ohio listed below. Any person may possess all or part of a cervidae carcass from Ohio that is legally taken, killed, or processed within these areas provided that it remains within the posted area.

Areas Subject to Carcass Movement and Possession Rules [pdf]

Areas Subject to Carcass Movement and Possession Rules

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County Townships
Wyandot Ridge, Crawford, Tymochee, Sycamore, Richland, Salem, Crane, Eden, Jackson, Mifflin, Pitt, Antrim, and Marseilles
Hardin Jackson, Goshen, and Dudley
Marion Grand, Salt Rock, Grand Prairie, Montgomery, Big Island, and Marion

No person shall possess all or any part of a cervidae carcass from an area outside of Ohio, or from areas within Ohio listed above unless the carcass is kept in the area where legally taken, killed, or processed, except when the cervidae carcass consists only of any of the following:

  • De-boned meat;
  • Meat that is cut and securely and completely wrapped either commercially or privately with no part of the spinal column or head attached;
  • Quarters or other portions of meat with no part of the spinal column or head attached;
  • Antlers;
  • Antlers attached to a skull cap from which all soft tissue has been removed;
  • Upper canine teeth from which all soft tissue has been removed;
  • Hides and capes without any part of the head or lymph nodes attached; or
  • Finished taxidermy mounts.
  • Any soft body tissue wrapped and packaged for use by a diagnostic research laboratory.

Effective November 2020, those hunters returning to Ohio with a complete cervidae carcass or parts NOT on the list above, as well as hunters who wish to move a complete carcass or parts NOT on the list above, out of the areas noted above, may do so provided that they present the complete carcass or parts not listed above to a certified taxidermist or processor within 24 hours of entering the state or leaving one of the areas above.

Processor and Taxidermist Training and Certification

Training and Test for Processors and Taxidermists 

After receiving authorization from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, a taxidermist or processor may possess a cervidae carcass or prohibited parts thereof taken from outside of the state of Ohio or from those areas within Ohio but subject to carcass movement and possession rules. Taxidermists or processors may receive authorization after completion of required training in proper handling and disposal of the cervidae carcass or parts thereof as provided by the chief of the Division of Wildlife. As part of the certification, you must complete a short video presentation and test at the links below.

Processors and Taxidermists

List & Map of Ohio CWD Certified Processors and Taxidermists [pdf]


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Disease Surveillance Areas & Regulations

Disease Surveillance Areas [pdf]

Disease Surveillance Area Regulations [pdf]