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Castalia Fish Hatchery

Castalia State Fish Hatchery is located on 90 acres in western Erie County, just southwest of Sandusky, Ohio. This facility is the newest of the six state fish hatcheries and came on-line in the fall of 1997, after it was purchased from private interests. The hatchery production facilities consist of 70 indoor rearing troughs, one covered outdoor raceway building, and three outdoor raceways. The indoor troughs and covered raceways are supplied with water from one of the area’s many blue-hole aquifers (2,500 gallons per minute capacity). The remaining outdoor raceways are supplied with water diverted from Cold Creek (10,000 gallons per minute capacity). This cold-water supply allows the hatchery to raise steelhead and rainbow trout. All of the state’s steelhead production occurs at this hatchery. Rainbow trout are raised to catchable size before being stocked in Ohio lakes and Cold Creek. 


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