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Daughmer Prairie Savannah State Nature Preserve


This is a small remnant of the once vast Sandusky Plains that was composed of over 200,000 acres of tall grass prairie and oak savannah, covering parts of three present day Ohio counties. There are only 74 acres remaining of the Sandusky Plains, and Daughmer Savannah is one of the largest remaining tracts.

Located on the Daughmer Prairie Savannah State Nature Preserve are threatened Bicknell’s sedge and the potentially threatened wheat sedge and flat stemmed spike-rush, as well as its namesake, the towering majestic bur oaks that are over 200 years old. This is one of the best remaining oak savannahs in the United States.

The efforts of five generations of Hazel (White) Daughmer’s family have kept the prairie habitat to be maintained through low intensity grazing and the occasional periodic controlled burns. The Division of Natural Areas and Preserves purchased the site in 2010 with funds from the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves Tax Check-Off program.

The preserve is leased to Crawford Park District.


1 mile hiking trail


Call: 911



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