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Salt Fork Wildlife Area

Shooting Range

Salt Fork Wildlife Area Shooting Range

Location & Description

Situated in the hills of southeastern Ohio, the Salt Fork Wildlife Area and the Salt Fork State Park have a steep to rolling terrain that is dissected by numerous small streams. The largest of these, Salt Fork Creek, has been impounded to create the 2,952-acre Salt Fork Lake. The area is administered by the Division of Wildlife and the Division of Parks and Recreation, respectively, of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The Division of Wildlife is responsible for fish and wildlife management and public hunting and fishing activities on the area. The Division of Parks and Recreation is responsible for development and maintenance of the general recreational facilities of the park area. 

History & Purpose

Salt Fork Lake occupies the fertile bottom land soils of Salt Fork Creek Valley. During lake construction in 1967, trees and shrubs were left standing in many of the embayments, and an artificial reef was constructed on the north branch to provide fish cover. Portions of the shoreline are covered with large boulders which serve as desirable fishing areas. 



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Natural Features