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Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve


The 468-acre Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve encompasses an outstanding eastern hemlock ravine known as Sheepskin Hollow and mixed mesophytic woods. The preserve lies in a remote, isolated area of Ohio’s unglaciated Allegheny Plateau. Steep outcroppings of Pennsylvanian sandstone flank a headwater stream that feeds the North Fork of the Little Beaver Creek State and National Scenic River. Water’s erosive force is demonstrated as the stream has removed the softer layers of sandstone, cutting downward to the less permeable shale bedrock. The deep, cool gorge creates a micro-climate ideal for eastern hemlock. Small fish, frogs and salamanders can be seen amid the pools and riffles of the stream.

Spectacular displays of wildflowers can be found in spring and summer. Large flowered trillium, red trillium, hepatica, pipsissewa and pink lady’s slipper all add color and intrigue to a spring hike through the gorge. Small glades along the stream flourish with black cohosh, orange jewelweed and Virginia waterleaf. Many interesting lichens, composite organisms of algae and fungi, cling to the seeping stony outcroppings of sandstone and shale. Ferns and liverworts also thrive in the moist cool environment of the hollow. While the exact explanation of how Sheepskin Hollow received its name has been lost to history, it is possible that sheep grazing did occur in this area.


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