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Wellington Wildlife Area

Location & Description

This 200-acre wildlife area is situated in north central Ohio in Huntington Township, Lorain County. The area is 2.5 miles south of Wellington and is bounded on the east by State Route 58, on the north by Griggs Road, and on the west by Clark Road. Topography ranges from gently sloping to nearly level. The soils are well drained and of moderate to high fertility. Approximately 72 percent of the area is openland; 18 percent is mature woodland of the beech-sugar maple climax forest, with tulip poplar, oaks, red maple, ash, and basswood. Brushland makes up the remaining 10 percent of the wildlife area.

History & Purpose

This was the original state game farm, purchased in 1917. The rearing of artificially propagated game birds was discontinued in 1960. Management work has included protection and improvement of the woodlands, selection of areas that will be allowed to return to woodland through natural succession, and management of existing open fields based upon land capability. Crop rotations and cropping patterns have been developed to improve food and cover conditions for wildlife. Most management activities are directed toward upland game species. Hunting is the major recreational use of the area. Wildlife observation, hiking, fishing, berry picking, nature study, and bird watching are other popular uses.


Two ponds on the area contain largemouth bass, bluegills, and bullheads. Cottontail rabbit, ring-necked pheasant, and fox squirrel are the principal game species. Groundhog, white-tailed deer, and all furbearers common to the region are found here. A great variety of both nesting and migrant birds use the area. Of particular interest to birding enthusiasts is the spring migration of songbirds.

Recreational Opportunities

The Wellington Wildlife Area is popular for hunting rabbit, squirrel, groundhog, deer, and pheasant. Limited fishing is provided by two small ponds. Three parking lots are situated off Griggs Road and one off of Clark Road. A wheelchair accessible trail is located off Griggs Road. Findley State Park is adjacent to Wellington Wildlife Area and offers a variety of public use facilities.


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Phone Number

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