Energy Resources

Latest research and subsurface mapping on oil-&-gas resources, coal, and related topics, such as enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration

The geology of Ohio provides abundant resources of oil, gas, and coal. Historically, extraction of these resources, along with other industrial minerals, has supported development of the state's economy and growth as a leading producer of natural resources in the United States. 

The ODNR Division of Geological Survey's Energy Resources Group actively researches and reports on these resources and maps the geologic formations where they can be found. The group also maps the subsurface geology of the state to help identify geologic structures and further our understanding of how natural resources develop over time. Additionally, the group assists environmental reviews by assessing the potential impacts of proposed well siting and resource extraction to support economic development.

Current Programs

  • Ordovician Point Pleasant Formation/Utica Shale research & data
  • Analysis of enhanced-oil recovery potential in Ohio
  • Geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide
  • Geologic reviews of Class I injection-well sites
  • Mapping the Precambrian through Pennsylvanian geologic framework of Ohio
  • Mapping coal resources of Ohio

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